Magenta & Teal Alcohol Ink Art Earrings

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These earrings are made from an original (not a print or copy) alcohol ink painting of mine, done on a synthetic paper.   In these earrings, five different inks combine to create wonderful patterns and layers of color.  

Alcohol inks are alcohol-based pigments which dry quickly but can be manipulated to create different effects.  I use a variety of techniques to work with the inks.  

The back of the painting is stippled in a pale blue with touches of lilac, to create a more uniform but interesting pattern.  The pieces are cut and the edges are colored and varnished in black, then both sides are resined with a UV light-cured resin.  Truly one of a kind!  

The tiny ice pick bails and French Hook earwires are silver-plated over brass.

Total length:   1.5 inches

Length and width of the art bead -- 7/8 inch long by 9/16 wide.

Product information and care:   Please avoid getting these wet, and apply any products (perfumes, hair spray, lotions) before wearing them.