February 21, 2024

Exploring A New Medium: Alcohol Inks!

By Elizabeth Hasen
Exploring A New Medium:  Alcohol Inks!

Last night I finished the fourth and last session of a Smithsonian Associates Zoom class on alcohol inks, taught by a talented artist, Sharon Robinson.  I had tried using them before, but they are tricky.  They dry quickly, and less is always more -- too many colors (tempting, because they are so beautiful) can combine all too easily into the color of mud!  

I've learned some new techniques, and about some great tools, which have helped me enjoy exploring this medium.  These are the first two I've made on Yupo, a synthetic paper which allows the inks to flow and not soak in:

Of course, I immediately had to try making jewelry!   I've spent the last several weeks experimenting with using this paper to make earrings.  The process has been intriguing!

Here are two of my early efforts from the blue veneer, both on Yupo paper:

These have also involved learning how to use UV-light-cured resin to give a glass-like surface and protect the alcohol inks.  

How lovely, on these snowy winter days, to have a craft which is totally engrossing!

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