Elizabeth Hasen - Jewelry

After making a necklace with a few of my sister’s beads in 2009, I was hooked!  My initial symmetrical style has evolved into a freer, more playful one — where a wide variety of beads (semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, Czech glass and metals) play off one another with their different shapes, textures and colors. On many trips to Prague and the Czech Republic, I fell in love with Czech glass beads and consider them my main vice in life!

In the past few years I have explored the medium of polymer clay and I am fascinated by its many possibilities for jewelry.  It is a polymer (not clay) which is strong, lightweight, and can be shaped into endless designs.  Many of my pieces are made from my own texture plates.  I mold, cut, and hand-paint the components for my polymer clay jewelry, and thus each piece -- whether pendant, bracelet or earrings -- is one-of-a-kind. 

I’ve been a Caspian Lake summer resident since before I was born. Now retired from my career in parish ministry, my move to Vermont has given me the blessing of time and space to grow deeper roots in this community, make jewelry, and enjoy the beauty of the seasons.