May 29, 2024

Opening for the Season!

By Elizabeth Hasen
Opening for the Season!

This weekend we'll open the Gallery -- quite a bit earlier than in previous years.  I hope to be open 12 to 4 most days  -- and maybe some mornings -- so if you see the sign is out, come on in!  Events and appointments may get in the way, but you can always email me if you'd like to make sure the gallery is open:   And I am always happy to open up at other times just for you -- just let me know!

This summer is going to be a happily busy one!

Louisa and I will again participate in the Caspian Arts exhibit at the Grange in Greensboro, weekends 11-5 beginning Saturday, July 6 and running through August.  Here's a great Hardwick Gazette article from last year about the renovations Caspian Arts did at the Grange -- you can see Louisa on the far right in the blue vest!  

On Saturday, July 13 -- from 9 to 3 -- I'll have a booth of mainly my jewelry (and possibly some of Louisa's art) at the Craftsbury Common Antiques and Uniques event.  I'll be located under one of the big tents. 

On Sunday, July 21 from 11 to 4, we'll be part of the Caspian Arts Open Studio day, with ice tea and brownies!  You are always welcome to come see our studios, but this is a day when the members of Caspian Arts all invite people into their work/art spaces and studios. 

Speaking of which, here are photos of our lovely studio spaces in the back of our barn this year:

Here's Louisa's -- ready and waiting for her pastels, acrylic paints and canvases...

...and this is about as clean & neat as you will ever see mine!

There are many wonderful things about running the Green Rabbit Gallery.  I'm proud of the art we have created.  It's lovely to see someone wear my jewelry, or to know they've hung one of Louisa's paintings in their house.  It feels great to be able to contribute to local Vermont organizations because of our sales to our wonderful customers.  It's fun being part of the wider Greensboro art community, and connecting with people across the country through our website and this blog. 

Yet -- as I reflect on Life & Art -- what I treasure the most is that this is something Louisa and I get to do together.  I love the summer days when she and I are in the studio, each working on our own art.  I love running the business side of things, but it never would have happened without Louisa.  When we opened in July of 2019, it was only two months after I had received a difficult medical diagnosis.  Louisa's support and willingness to help start the gallery (after she helped me drive from California to Vermont with two cats!) and to contribute her beautiful pastels, gave me, and continues to give me, something joyful and life-giving to focus on.  On Pinterest I've described us as "two sisters with a double mission:  to create beautiful objects to adorn your life, and to help people and animals in Vermont by donating 50% of our sales."   And that holds true now as we begin our sixth season, working, creating and giving, together.

Looking forward to seeing you if you are in town this summer!


PS -- and I'll take this chance to thank our brother, John, for all his help & support over the years!

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