February 06, 2024

Shifting Into A Different Mode

By Elizabeth Hasen
Shifting Into A Different Mode

We had a great 2024 season at the gallery and Louisa and I are excited about the summer ahead!  When the time to close had come in early October, and I had participated in the Highland Center's Winter Market on December 2, I wrote our 50% donations to the charities that we support.  And as winter truly set in, I realized something more clearly than ever before.  (Winter in Vermont is good for beautiful views of the Adirondacks across Lake Champlain, and for offering some space and time to think!)

The gallery provides a wonderful opportunity to allow people to see and touch (and maybe try on!) what we offer.  It is so great to connect with everyone during the season.  But the gallery is limited to the three or four good months of summer in Greensboro.  Louisa is content to sell her pastels only in person at the gallery, because shipping a pastel to someone is fraught with worry -- mainly about falling or drifting pastel dust.  But my jewelry creations need new homes!  I love exploring all the fascinating aspects of polymer clay, but when you have on hand 120 pairs of earrings, something's gotta give!  

The gallery and the greenrabbitgallery.com website are really two different businesses.  So this winter I've shifted my focus to our online presence.  Through improving the website, posting to social media and building our email list, I'm concentrating on how I can reach out more to the wider world and make my jewelry available year round to more people beyond our faithful Greensboro customers.

I believe in the intersection of life and faith and art -- and building our online business is about so much more than just making more sales.  It's about:

-- bringing beauty to others  and enjoying the pleasure I get from knowing/seeing others wear my jewelry

-- selling what I create so there's room to explore all the fascinating techniques and processes of polymer clay art

-- bringing order out of chaos -- having a plan for growth and an organized method of building on what Louisa and I have done in creating the gallery

 And finally -- and not least -- being able to give more to the charities that help people and animals in Vermont.  With the craziness of our political world right now, it helps to focus down on local needs and local lives, and to be content with what I  can do -- right here and now -- to make a difference to others' lives. 

And so, this post is about how I'm shifting into a different mode when it comes to the Green Rabbit Gallery -- a mode which is energizing, exciting....and somewhat scary.

If you're on the email list -- great!  I hope you will find the twice-monthly emails informative and interesting.   You can always unsubscribe if you want to.  Or, if you want to help (please!), send them along to someone who might be interested.  

I look forward to what lies ahead!  (and your comments and feedback are always welcome!)

peace and grace,




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