June 26, 2024

The Art of the Display, Part 1

By Elizabeth Hasen
The Art of the Display, Part 1

One thing I never thought about when I started making jewelry was how to present it.  It was only when I started doing craft shows that I had to figure out how create a display.  It's a process that I've refined a little each time, but I am always learning and trying something new.

Each year in Spokane I did a couple of local shows.  Some were more successful than others....

....My worst show experience was the year when my table was opposite the FriendChips lady.  She and her husband create miniature scenes (he builds the sets and props), and then entice one of the 400 chipmunks on their property onto/into the set.  They sell cards & calendars filled with darling chipmunk photos.  Here's the one I remember especially from that year -- she told me the basketball was on a little stick, and they waited until the chipmunk was posed with his paws just right, shoved the basketball in front of him, and took the picture: 

I can't tell you how many sales I lost that day.  A woman would be just about to buy a pendant or a pair of earrings, and suddenly her daughter would point across the aisle and say "Look Mommy!  A CHIPMUNK!"  And she would turn away from my table and walk over there, never to be seen again.  The lovely Friendchips lady felt so bad for me that at the end of the day she gave me a calendar.....


Here was my booth that day -- a real jumble of jewelry!


Added to that, my credit card reader was finicky, and only the kindness of the candle seller next to me (who helped me process my transactions) saved the day.

I've done a few shows since then.  The most recent was the Winter Market last December at the Highland Center for the Arts.  Here's my booth that day:



I enjoyed using an old fire screen to display the earrings, as it got them up to peoples' eye level.  And Louisa's wonderful paintings certainly drew people down to the end of the room where I was located.  But it was a very small space, and my tables were overcrowded.  I learned that too much jewelry can be worse than too little --  it can be overwhelming.  I didn't have a spot to handle the sales, or to wrap purchases (or to hide my Diet Coke!)  Nevertheless it was a great show and filled with Christmas spirit.  I bought a lovely balsam pillow from a vendor in that room, and the Wilson Farm booth was right across from me with their wonderful products.  

I really LOVE doing shows!  I love meeting so many new people, and I am delighted when complete strangers choose a piece of my jewelry.  So I'm excited about having a booth at the Antiques & Uniques show -- in Craftsbury Common on Saturday, July 13.  I'm working hard on creating the display for it.  I last did that show in 2011, so a LOT has changed!  I'll let you know more in my next blog post the Wednesday before that event.  Just praying there will be no chipmunks.....





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  • Betsy Anderson on June 27, 2024

    Delightful! Please send pictures of your display at the next show!

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